Thursday, November 29, 2018

Game in Progress - Reflection 1!

Reflection #1 by Stephanie                                                                11/30/2018

Quick Summary:

The game I am creating in Minecraft is called Parcore. It is a game where you (the player), goes through a test (or a series of levels) to see if you're a qualified parkourist. If you have not read my game design document, it will help you understand this blog post better. It includes the storyline, characters, levels, and etc. 

Sneak peak of the starting area
As for my progress in the game so far, I have created 3 levels of my game, 2 of them being parkour. I also built the starting area where the player will spawn (sneak peak to the right!!) but I'm hoping to make it more provoking to someone who'll play the game. I have included a brief summary of background of my game for someone who might've not read my game design document. 
Sneak peak of a parkour level

With a week and a half working on my game, I thought I would not get as much progress that I did get. Usually, I build slowly in Minecraft but I felt focused on my game and I was able to get more done. 

Challenges and Successes:

Despite the many challenges I have come across, there has also have been many successes that come along with them. For example, some challenges I have experienced are not knowing how to work the NPCs or border blocks, but then I realized you have to turn on world builder. I also got confused on how to work some of the command blocks, but thanks to YouTube tutorials and videos, it turned out to be simpler than I thought. For instance, with YouTube, I got more details on how to make the NPCs more interactive and make them offer choices (button mode). With command blocks, I figured out how to have them teleport the player when pressing a button. To sum up, I felt like I've been learning more with programming my game in general.

Next week, I hope I can finish all the parkour levels and fix up some of my existing ones (make it fancier and more interesting). I'm aiming to come back next time I write a reflection with 3/4 of my game complete :).

another sneak peak of a parkour level

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